HULLAH ACOUSTICS - Mandolin family instruments

made by one of the world’s most experienced luthiers.

John Hullah began making acoustic instruments under his own name in the late 1970s, following years of repairing instruments and working for a leading guitar manufacturer. Since then he has made almost 800 high quality mandolins, b’zookis and guitars – and over 275 banjos ( exclusively for Halshaw Music).

There can be no substitute in making a superlative acoustic instrument. Only the finest woods chosen for their resonance and stability can be used. Only proven designs that yield the best sound and playability can be employed. Only a visual appearance of style and tastefulness can be sanctioned. These are the things that make Hullah instruments amongst the finest in the world.


  • Hullah unique internal strutting for improved resonance and clarity
  • Hullah improved truss rod for extra neck control
  • finest quality selected timbers
  • gloss finish
  • round sound hole
  • fixed bridge for maximum sound generation
  • zero fret
  • choice of octave or double stringing
  • side position dots and 12th fret mother of pearl marker


Designed by John Hullah in consultation with Sully, this big bodied instrument is of the very highest quality and beauty. Its sound is unequalled in clarity and warmth, with astonishing volume and sustain. Features :

* 27 & 7/8" scale

* 20 frets (neck joins body at 14th)

* 14½" wide body that tapers from 4¾" to 3½"

* overall length 38"

* abalone trim round the sound hole

* ebony f’bd

* the Hullah De Luxe peghead

* built-in pick-up

Mahogany/cedar model,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,£POA


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